Is The 5 Month Wait Worth It?

The first thing that caught my attention was the side profile, Varis has definitely put some thought into the body lines and if it weren’t for the silver bolt heads you would think this is a factory wide-body.


We really enjoyed shooting this Subaru WRX, these days its pretty difficult to find a hatchback especially fitted with this unique kit.
Another big standout is the vehicles color shift chameleon style wrap, the wrap definitely helped bring out the curves of the Varis kit with its pearlescent gleams. I have to be the first to admit that when the color shift wraps first came into existence I was against the idea but now it’s really starting to grow on me.
If you have ever consider powder-coating your wheels white I would go to the local Costco and buy a wholesale pack of microfibers to help with keeping these wheels clean, unlike Ferrari owners tuners don’t have the luxury of coming standard with Carbon Ceramic brakes with 0% brake dust.
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She Definitely has some wide hips on her, no wide-body is complete without a “Rear End” shot to wrap up the shoot, and I gotta say this one has one nice B00ty =)