Shark Attack! | Cleee’s Honda s2000


Another beautiful sunset in Long Beach featuring a particularly unique S2000. One of the first details that caught our attention is the wild front livery that appears to resemble an aggressive mouth of a shark and as shown by the photo above, it is difficult for a crowd not to notice it from a distance.
As the sun begins to set, the lighting gets dimmed. Therefore, we can point out another visually attractive feature of this S2000 and it would be its striking Car Shop GLOW tail lights. As evident by the video clip shown below, it is truly mesmerizing.
Video by: @angwell.projects
The S2000 is fitted with a VOLTEX Street front bumper and a set of CRZY full splitter, rear diffuser, winglet that is also visible. She also looks much wider with those ASM front fenders and and Circuit Garage rear over fenders.
 An APR GT wing customized to match the aggressive appearance.
How low can it go?
Equipped with Accuair Suspension, she absolutely looks grounded and ready for the cameras as seen above; Tunercult media’s videographer Matt Angwell getting the job done.
Video by: @angwell.projects
Here is a shot of a beautiful and gleaming Meisters 3P by WORK Wheels USA. It stands out even more in addition with those red brake calipers.
Behind the scenes
This is the fun part of the shoot; directing our model of the shoot (the owner) 😀
Featured shirt: “Street Racing”
Not too bad… for a first time model!
“Gentlemen, start your engines…”
The S2000 rocks the KEY’S Racing steering wheel and a pair of Bride GIAS Low Max bucket seats with Crows Harnesses that not only looks sporty but also encloses the driver in those tight corners.


The interior also highlights some of the best features of the car, the personal touch creates the driver’s narrative and will certainly make your eye wander around to appreciate the attention to details.
Featured Slap: “Not Registered” 


“…fish are friends, not food” – Bruce the Shark