The World’s 1st Molded RC 350!


A very exciting day is ahead for the team. Here, we see Matt and the owner Scott discuss how to set up the car as we prepare to do a full media feature with his molded Rocket Bunny RC 350, the first in the world!
One of the fascinating features that stands out about this car is definitely the color, the unique form of the body truly compliments the distinct color. It is called Merlin Purple; painted by StrasseSport.
Low and elegant
The RC 350 is equipped by AccuAir E-Level air suspension. One of the benefits of this photoshoot location we are in is that it provides an ample amount of spots within the complex. For instance, i was able to hop on a loading dock to capture this particular angle.
Attention to detail
A pair of carbon fiber side mirrors with its clear purple pearl. Honestly, it is stunning to look at in person.
Quite thick…
Rear view of the molded Rocket Bunny kit and its custom catback exhaust from Boden.
Stare down
Front and center view of this beauty along with its iconic Lexus emblem, DRL lights, and grille. In addition, it also features the first and only carbon fiber front lip made for this particular car by NIA.
Scott putting on a Tunercult air freshener to keep the interior smelling like new! Most of the interior is customized as seen with its carbon fiber steering wheel, center console, air conditioning vents, an analog clock, glove box trim and its shift knob.
Beside the RC 350’s unique form and paint, the feature that absolutely grab your attention are those set of 20″ Rotiform ZRH deep concave wheels.
Check out these Brembo GT BBK with a dazzling Moonstone color break calipers.
KBBQ talks… 🙂
Featured T-shirt: “Old English
KBBQ bound!
Could always count on rolling shots to end a blog. Special thanks to Scott for letting us spend the morning for a photoshoot of his truly unique RC 350.


Check out the video recap of the photoshoot, filmed by Matt @angwell.projects