Loui’s Supercharged Rocket Bunny FRS


A beautiful sunny day at Azusa Canyon with Loui’s supercharged Rocket Bunny FRS.
The FRS features a combination of the Rocket Bunny v1 rear fenders, front fenders and front lip kit.
Viewing it from a side profile, it has a Rocket Bunny v2 side skirts with v2 carbon fiber canards.
Furthermore, it also has the v2 ducktail and rear carbon fiber canards. The FRS has the right mix of downforce and drag all around to achieve its own maximum road performance.
Equipped with a Kraftwerks Supercharger it is an ideal way to achieve forced air induction for increased horsepower. Speed Hunters tow strap visible along with that stunning Spec D headlights.
In regards to performance, it also features a Grams Performance throttle body, Grams wideband, Tomei UEL headers, overpipe, Invidia catless front pipe, and and Invidia N1 catback.
Justin vlogging the photoshoot once again πŸ™‚
A Renown steering wheel, Likewise Circuit shift knob and a Bride seat pillow is just one of the few personal interior touches that makes Loui’s FRS unique on its own.
Imagine all the people living life in peace
Forgestar F14 Bronze Burst Wheels with SumitomoΒ tires.
Tra Kyoto tire letters
The FRS is bagged, equipped with Airlift PerformanceΒ 3P suspension, Cusco sway bars, Cusco rear strut bar and Voodoo toe arms. Making the drive throughout Azusa Canyon an exciting one.
Featured T-Shirt: “Street Legends
Loui making sure everything is performing normally as we prepare to head over to the next photoshoot location.
Valenti tail lights
Now arriving at the last photoshoot location, a large canyon turnout with many visible tire marks. Donuts? What could go wrong?
Front bumper partially came loose while doing some donuts. We were able to put it back on.
At this point, we were ready for another round to slide the FRS but a CHP came cruising past us. It was time to wrap up the photoshoot. πŸ˜€
In Speed We Trust