Driving an Icon | Macayan’s Acura NSX


A much anticipated photoshoot has finally arrived. A day with Macayan’s stunning Acura NSX. As we arrived at his home, the media team was immediately greeted with a welcoming sight of this iconic car. As always, the car is already fully detailed and we were ready to roll out towards our first shooting location.
Arriving at the first photoshoot location; Macayan’s NSX will undoubtedly attract your attention with its dazzling and sharp formula red paint as captured by this guerrilla style type of shot.
Another majestic sunset over Long Beach
Here we see two quarter-profile shots of the car. It surely highlights the sleek and minimal design of the NSX that it is known to carry throughout the years. Once again, the beautiful warm lighting at that time also complimented that car’s color. Thus, creating a harmony within the photo that is visually engaging.
A side profile shot of the NSX captures the form of the body in which its design seems to never age throughout the years. Viewing from this angle, it is equipped with the Stance Parts cup kit suspension, an alternative system that combines the attributes of both air-ride and coilover parts.
A detailed capture of Macayan’s exquisite Work Meister S1 wheels that is black chrome plated along with 24K gold hardware. DownForce TCRC side skirt.
A well maintained interior to compliment its elegant exterior.
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Difflow Diffuser on Wings West Spats and a NSX-R spoiler seen in this rear capture of the car as we wrap up our photoshoot at the first location.
Rooftop views
Just arrived at our second location of the day. The sun was basically down at this point. Luckily this particular parking structure had great lighting to work with.
Aerial view, the best view 🙂
That pretty much concluded the photoshoot at that second location. We definitely needed to grab dinner after that; maybe KBBQ?
The legends; getting ready for the long drive home.
Of course, what is a better way to end the night than this stunning rolling capture and a video filmed by Matt Angwell @angwell.projects