Clean Culture | Ballpark Banger 2018


The Tunercult GTR posted along with Loui’s GT86 and Jovi’s Evo X.
The team arrived early at Loanmart Field, Rancho Cucamonga to set up the booth in preparation for one of Clean Culture’s largest Southern California automotive show.
One of the first to arrive is Scotty’s beautifully molded RC 350. A variety of VIP cars are placed within the complex that are usually inaccessible by cars. Therefore, these wood planks are strategically placed on by the Clean Culture staff to provided the cars easy access over the curb.
VIP’s in the house.
A variety of GTRs including Andy’s full AIMGAIN widebody, Anthony’s Pandem V2, and a blue Liberty Walk R35.
The show is about the begin for the public and the crowd is starting to make their way towards the booth to check out the collection of merchandise available to purchase.
Shirts, hats, t-shirts, jackets, and many more merchandise were laid out during the show. These are also available to purchase online on our Tunercult website.
“I’d like to get a couple of thoseĀ ‘Send Nudes’ slaps…”
A wide variety of slaps were made just for the show, especially the limited edition Rick and Morty slaps that were exclusively available during the show.
In Speed We Trust
“Tremor”, the official mascot of The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes stopped by the booth and copped one of our Club “Coaches Jacket”.
Cute Doggo!
Living Legends
Featured Shirt: “La Familia”
Let the games begin…
One of the many activities held at the event; a limbo competition. Always interesting to see.
Get your rides ready! Lowest wins!
Dominic’s E36 getting low and hyping up the crowd.
“You sure this is a good idea…?”
Do it for the gram.
Up next… The most anticipated part of the entire show.
A two-step competition.
This beast on queue, waiting for her turn.
At one point of the competition, this lambo started to attract attention away from the main competition. Although, another two-step champion came out on top.
… and we have a winner!
Here is a shot of the last minute crowd trying to rush and purchase their merchandise as the event started to wrap up. Overall, it was a definitely a successful day for our Tunercult team and also to our friends at Clean Culture for hosting an incredible event for all the car enthusiast to enjoy. Without a doubt, we will be looking forward to join another great show in the future.


Check out the video recap of the event filmed by Matt @angwell.projects